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General Body Meeting – Thanks

By admin | February 15, 2016

Our sincere thanks to each and every one who attended the general body meeting yesterday.

Here is a summary of the dates.

9th April 2016 – Easter-Vishu Celebrations

2nd July 2016 – BBQ Day Out

24th Sept 2016 – Onam Celebrations

7th Jan 2017 – Christmas-New Year Celebrations

A poll/survey will be conducted to know how many are interested in a farm house trip. The trip will be during the May bank holiday weekend.

There will be another meeting to discuss and update the Association’s by-law.

A mens club was formed yesterday with Binoy Michael, Tony Alex and Jinu Onasis as coveners. This is solely for the recreation of male members of our assciation.

Womens club – As there was only a minority of female members present this will be discussed later.

All assets will be stored at Biju’s(Joice) house. Please get in touch with Biju if you have anything to handover.

The rent for loaning the associations assets will also be revised.

Movie nights will be conducted with Tattukada food.

If anything has been missed please bring to our attention.


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General Body Meeting 2016

By admin | January 27, 2016

All are invited to our first general body meeting of 2016.


a. Decide on event dates and venues for this year

b. Initiatives/programmes for 2016

c. Any other business like inventory etc.

Date: 14 Feb 2016

Venue: At. Aelred’s Church Hall

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Note: Food will be served.

Please convey this message to all our friends.

Any questions/concerns please get in touch with the office bearers.


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Vishu & Easter 2015 Program Schedule Sat 11th April 2015 @ 3:30pm

By admin | April 8, 2015

Program Chart

1) Prayer Dance: ( Lisa Antony, Leema Soji, Mini Tony, Bindu Biju, Susamma Thomas,Renu Bony & Golda Ajesh)

2) Inauguration :
Welcome Speech Lisa Antony
Inauguration Fr Jim
Inaugural Speech Fr Jim
Presidential Address : Mr Thomas Abraham
Easter Message : Dr Alexander
3) Presentation of Vishu and Easter
4) Song by Roshan Biju
5) Kids Dance :- Andrea Jinu, Deepika Joji, Hannah Boban, Haniel Tony & Rosered Karedan
6) Group Dance :- Anna Alex, Anushka Hareesh, Merin Soji & Tiyana Tony
7) Song By Sunny Praveen
8) Dance :- Evelyn Binoy, Freya Biju, Fibi Biju, Amiliya Sajimon and Heba Biju
9) Song by Jonnathan Byju
10) Dance :- Annmaria Joshi, Neha Tony & Niya Tony
11) Speech by Edwin Rony
12) Dance :- Joseph Biju & Arjun Praveen
13) Song by Haniel Tony
14) Dance :- Aelred Binoy
15) Dance :- Georgia Biju & Riyana Sojan
16) Song by Navin & Soji Lukos
17) Dance :- Abi Boban, Tom Jimmy, Mathew Jimmy & Leon Biju
18) Dance :- Fiona Sojan, Gayathri Praveen, Christy Benny, Alaina Joji & Rose Biju
19) Kavitha by Nethen Biju
20) Dance :- Evelyn Binoy
21) Dance :- Amritha Rony & Aleena Rony
22) Song by Romal Biju
23) Dance :- Amal Biju, Kevin Boban, Joshuva Ajesh, & Alen Biju
24) Disco :- Noel Thomas, Anstin Tony, Sen Bony, Aleena Antony & Fiona Sojan
25) Dance :- Avalon Binoy & Binoy Michael
26) Skit :- Oshin Thomas & Group
27) Dance :- Aru Biju & Yoshini Biju
28) Couple Dance competition
29) Price Distribution
30) Vote of Thanks

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Minutes From General Body Meeting on Feb 8th 2015

By admin | March 2, 2015

Event Dates

    Easter/Vishu Celebrations April 11th 2015
    Onam Celebration Sep 12th 2015
    Chrstmas/NewYear Celebrations Jan 9th 2016

As we did last year we are contecting Barbecue Party to Bolton Abbey on June 27th.

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Annual General Body Meeting, 18th Oct 2014, Minutes

By admin | October 19, 2014

Programme Dates

Easter/Vishu – 11th April 2015

Entry fees increased to
£35.00 per family
£25.00 for one adult and kids in a family
£15.00 per single adult

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